Pollards or hamlade träd

Lime tree Some time ago a lady from a local nature conservation agency (naturskyddsföreningen) came by to make an inventory of the valuable trees in our village. She was especially pleased with the old lime trees (lind) in our garden along the road. In the past these trees were used for hamling, the regular removal of young branches to provide food for the livestock. Trees like these are valuable historical elements of the local landscape. Therefor the authorities are helping landowners to keep them in good health. Read more on the lime and other trees in our garden.

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2 comments on “Pollards or hamlade träd
  1. Ola says:

    Trevligt! Jag tror man måste ha jordbruksfastighet för att kunna få del av det EU-stöd som administreras via Länsstyrelsen för sådana här miljöer, men det kanske kan vara värt att kollas upp?

  2. jakobsgard says:

    Tackar! I am not sure whether you need to have a jordbruksfastighet. It says “Markägaren måste ha f-skattesedel om arbetet utförs på egen hand” in the brochure on how to apply for funds: http://www.lansstyrelsen.se/jonkoping/SiteCollectionDocuments/Sv/blanketter/bidrag/ans%C3%B6kan%20om%20ers%C3%A4ttning_utvald%20milj%C3%B6.pdf

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Restoring a historical farm in Småland, Sweden

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